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The PODSter Issue 3 – Professional Autonomy

One of PODS’ most ardent advocacies is professional autonomy, which has been variously defined as “the quality or state of being independent and self-directing, especially in making decisions, enabling professionals to exercise judgment as they see fit in performing their job.” ( We believe that protecting optometrists’ professional autonomy will redound to their patients’ benefit. How? ODs should be guided primarily by what’s in their… Read More »The PODSter Issue 3 – Professional Autonomy

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The Podster Issue 2 – In the Eye of the Storm

Super Typhoon Odette left in its wake a trail of destruction and despair that will not soon be forgotten. But this tragedy also summoned the best in people. Our PODSters share their stories in this latest issue of our e-newsletter.

The Podster Issue 1 – A Fresh Vision for Philippine Optometry

PODS’ most important advocacies are the protection of professional autonomy and the promotion of independent practice. As PODS president, I am committed to fully pursuing these objectives during my tenure, and beyond. What ties these two goals together is the advancement of the community’s vision health. Professional autonomy ensures that optometrists will be guided in their practice primarily by what is in the patient’s best… Read More »The Podster Issue 1 – A Fresh Vision for Philippine Optometry

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PODS statement on inaccurate comments of an MD

The Professional ODs Society, Inc. (PODS) notes with concern recent events surrounding a comment by a medical doctor on social media that optometrists are not doctors and that they only measure the grade of the eyes. “Sumusukat lang sila ng grado ng mata,” the doctor erroneously claimed. This remark and related inaccurate statements made by this doctor prompted numerous optometrists to comment on her post… Read More »PODS statement on inaccurate comments of an MD

Giving Free Spectacles Without Proper Eye Examination during Election Campaign

It is with this singular motivation that we are expressing our deep concern over the widespread practice of candidates giving free eyeglasses as part of their election campaign without conducting the proper eye examination and oftentimes without the involvement of licensed vision care professionalis. This practice endangers the vision health of those who receive thiese free eyeglasses, and is especially pernicious when the recipients are senior citizens, as dispensing eyeglasses without the proper examination may exacerbate existing vision impairment. It may also lead to serious diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and other debilitating conditions going undetected or obscured. A proper eye examination by a qualified vision care professional can reveal such conditions.