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About Us


Our Story

For years, optometry in the Philippines has been lacking what its practitioners claim to offer to their patients — clear vision.

Our group, The Professional ODs Society, seeks to bridge the gap.

Motivated by a desire to enhance our capability to deliver quality, accessible and affordable vision care, we are a national organization of Filipino optometrists.

We believe in, and are actively advocating for, professional autonomy and independent practice as pathways toward this goal. Our members are independent practitioners, academics and optometry students who subscribe to these ideals.

We provide our members with tools to enhance both their technical and technological competence through active mentorship, continuing professional education and similar programs.

Ours is a fresh vision for Philippine optometry, one that will strengthen the profession’s ability to advance the vision welfare of Filipinos.

Our passion is vision.

Our Mission

To advance the vision health interests of Filipinos by enhancing the capability of Filipino optometrists to deliver quality, affordable and accessible eye care by advocating for professional autonomy and independent practice.

We want to focus our efforts on supporting independent optometry practice as we believe it will be the bulwark against practices that prioritize profit over quality vision care.

The focus on independent optometry practice is anchored on helping optometrists be more proficient both technically and technologically.

Our Core Values


We practice with a high degree of professionalism in order to provide the best care to our patients


We constantly update our technical and technological proficiency and professional development


We value professional judgment in making clinical decisions that prioritize quality vision care over profit


We aim to instill a high degree of professionalism in our members by providing them with tools and resources necessary to effectively discharge their role as vision care professionals. We emphasize upholding the worth and dignity of Filipino optometrists by projecting a positive, caring and progressive image for the profession.

Continuing Education

By conducting continuing training on the professional and ethical obligations of optometrists

Setting Practice Standards

To assist our members to deliver care more efficiently and effectively, and better manage their practices

Emphasizing Service

By conducting programs and events geared toward granting those who cannot otherwise afford it access to quality vision care.

The PODs

Our Members

Every member shares the fundamental core values of PODs. We pride ourselves in having our members, a mixture of seasoned and young practitioners, share the mission of advancing Philippine optometry to its fullest potential through a high level of professionalism, competence, and independence.

Dr. Jehan Z. Echavez


Dr. Douren A. Espina


Dr. Melina A. Perez


Dr. Carmen A. Dichoso

Makati / NCR

Dr. Rheza B. Tabasuares


Dr. Thomas A. Abesamis III


Dr. Mary O. Margaret Felix

Makati / NCR

Dr. Rosalie A. Chan


Dr. Janine Tiongson


Dr. Levi Reyes

Cebu City

Dr. Keren A. Fernandez

Makati / NCR

Dr. Shaira Hewitson

Makati / Cebu